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Taylor is a multi-instrumentalist composer and singer-songwriter, with a background in visual art and film-making. 


Taylor plays piano, guitar and drums  and is naturally skilled in arrangement. She releases work under the artist name Emberhoney. Collaborating with John Barön Kent, she recently released her 3rd self-directed music video for the single Some Kind of Alchemy. which garnered a 4 Star Review in the prestigious Songwriting Magazine and was shortlisted in a New York based professional music video competition.  


Taylor's work has also been nominated in various songwriting showcases, which included commendation by Sir Tim Rice for the poetry of her lyrics and innovation in her composition.  Her songs have also been used in several independent films and she has been commissioned to write music for film and theatre in the U.K. and the U.S.A. Taylor's Film Composition Portfolio


For video production Taylor uses Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop and for audio, she uses Avid Pro Tools.


John is a producer, recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist who has an impressively broad range of musical knowledge from classical to heavy metal.


John plays guitar, bass and organ and earned a reputation for his signature ‘desert dust’ soundscapes on guitar through his early work with Portishead’s Beth Gibbons and more recently, working with Emberhoney.


Collaborating with Taylor, he has arranged, recorded and produced all of the Emberhoney releases, in addition to contributing his multi-instrumental talents and signature guitar work.  He also has a background in theatre and visual art, and has filmed and produced all of the Emberhoney Live Videos and this music video ‘Some Kind of Alchemy’.  


John is also the Artist Manager for Emberhoney and a member of the Music Managers Forum &  Featured Artist Coalition UK.


For audio recording and production John uses Avid Pro Tools.


A Couple of Maverick Creatives for Hire

Who We Are & What We Do

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John Barön Kent - Executive Producer

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Working as independent musicians ourselves, we found out first hand how difficult it is to record,  produce and release music to a high standard without a record label or patrons for funding.  Let alone make decent music videos!


Sure, like everyone else we could just record ourselves on our iPhone or perform live to a webcam. But it wasn't long before we realised we needed to do more than what 'everyone else was doing'. If  we wanted to stand out and take our career to the next level, we had to produce higher quality content. 




We built Honeytone Recordings, our own recording studio complete with a LIVE Music Video recording suite. We then acquired and mastered a lot of technology to produce our own professional music videos and audio recordings.


You could say our approach is a little maverick but as we often say, (in a classic 1940's hard-boiled detective's accent)...


"Whatever it takes........ just don't die with your music still in you!"

We both adore music of all genres and would love to help you get  your work  out there with a LIVE Music Video Session or a straight Audio Recording & Production Session.  Let us give you all we've got and together we can save your work from disappearing in the ever expanding sea of DIY mediocrity!


Our studio and services are perfect for singer/songwriters, solo artists and duos or trios. We can accomodate just about any instrument set-up that doesn't require live drums.



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Taylor Madison Damion - Creative Director

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