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Audio & Visual MEDIA PRODUCTION    

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Its just like performing Live at a gig but under controlled conditions for optimal Audio and Video Recording.


There is  great atmosphere, lighting and sound with an optional smoke machine for that genuine gig vibe. And no annoying chatter over the best part of your song.


It also saves you the cost of venue hire!

Honeytone Recordings Audio Recording Honeytone Recordings Live Music Video Production

As an independent musician, you know that professional  recordings of your songs and quality video content for YouTube are crucial assets for promoting your music...


And, if you're serious about your career, you know you also need a killer brand supported by visual content for social media campaigns centered around gigs, tours and releases.

Enter Honeytone Recordings. We are dedicated to helping independent musicians just like you, producing excellent yet affordable audio and visual content. Our team has the expertise to produce live music videos, concept music videos, lyric videos and social media promo content such as video trailers and artist interviews.


We can also help with branding by creating logos and graphic design for CD covers and merchandise.  


Our multi-media production studio also offers professional audio recording and production for singer-songwriters.

Check out our services...

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