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We offer professional audio recording using  Pro Tools 10 digital platform, recording at 24bit 48khz for industry standard quality.


We specialise in recording singer/songwriters and duos  that don't require a live drummer. Honeytone Recordings has a reputation for immaculate production and a warm, vintage sound.  


Whether you want your songs recorded for professional release as a single, EP release or demos that capture your ideas and track your progress, we have a formidable range of skills to help you make it happen. Find out more about our musical backgrounds here.

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Audio Recording, Production & Arrangement






Our recording services are just £20/hour and we will give you great package deals for longer projects and multiple Song Arrangement & Instrumentation Sessions.

Listen to this song recorded and produced at Honeytone Recordings.


Audio Recording & Production

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If you want more than just a sound engineer for your recording,  we are the Audio

Team for you! We are highly skilled at production, with keen ears for arrangement and  instrumentation.  

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Brighton   •    East Sussex   •    England

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If you're a songwriter without a complete band and would like to produce a full studio arrangement of your songs, we can offer our experience as multi-instrumentalists, arrangers and producers.


We can help you develop your song with:


   •   Live instrumentation such as piano, guitar and bass.


   •   Bespoke rhythm tracks for your songs using high-

       end  samples that have a 'live' drummer feel and    

       natural sound.


   •   String parts for your song using industry standard  

       orchestral samples.


   •   Other instrumentation and creative sonic textures    

        using  industry standard  samples.


   •   Songwriting Sessions to help you develop your songs

        to a  professional level and be able to pitch to

        music publishers or record companies.



To get an idea of our skillset, you can listen to the arrangement and production for this Emberhoney song below. We developed it from simple demos with just guitar and vocal.




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Her visionary lyrics lurk in your mind for days, such as, “she drinks dry martinis with a twist of my tears” an exert from 'Ghost In The Machine', the title track to her upcoming release this year.... A superbly creative display of lyricism and songwriting.


                                                                                   - Vault 52


A dark slice of baroque pop underpinned by inspired lyrics...  You'd be forgiven for thinking this song was an outtake from a Nick Cave album - 4 Stars.


                                                                        - Damien Girling  

                                                             Songwriting Magazine

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Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to take your song from 'OK...' to 'Kick-Ass!' and make it worth the time, effort and cost of recording.


We can offer one-to-one Song Development Sessions prior to recording, drawing on 15 years of experience crafting songs with outstanding lyrics and music!

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