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If you already have your footage shot, even if its been captured on an i-phone, you can send us your footage and we can edit the video for you.


We use the industry standard editing software platform Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Check out this Official Music Video, also directed and shot at Honeytone Recordings, to get an idea of our editing skills.

Professional Video Editing

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Lyrics Videos are a great way for musicians to create content and are an important part of your release campaign. If you already have the music and some branding or subject related  ideas for your Lyrics Video, contact us to chat about a direction and we can produce the video using the industry standard software After Effects.

Lyrics Video Production

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Promotional Video Production

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Promotional videos for musicians and songwriters are essential content. Whether it is a 30 second clip for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, promoting a tour or a longer clip promoting an album release or a profile piece for your You Tube channel, we can create the content you need. We can also stage and film interviews, so your fans can get to know you better!


Contact us with your ideas and needs, and together, we'll create the killer content you need.

Below is a 30 sec promo clip for a video/single release.